We Are Brazen

The Brazen Sports Agency brings a unique combination of skills and experience to the sport of mixed martial arts. Our management team combines an Ivy League law degree with decades of coaching and competition experience.
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Brazen Boxing & MMA Training Center provides specialized training in all of the various key disciplines that encompass the sport of Mixed Martial Arts by providing high level instruction and training from a locally, nationally, and internationally acclaimed coaching staff.
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Intelligent Representation and Management: By Fighters, For Fighters

The Brazen Sports Agency is dedicated to representing and promoting the career development of our mixed martial arts fighters. We provide both agency and career management services.

Our Agency Fights For You

As agents, The Brazen Sports Agency helps our fighters find and secure fights and sponsorships. We work for our fighters as advocates and guides, performing due diligence in fight matchmaking on their behalf, and helping them to negotiate fair and beneficial contracts with fight promotions and sponsors.

So You Can Build Your Fighting Career

The Brazen Sports Agency manages our clients in a multitude of ways: planning and pursuit of long-range career goals; assessment of our fighters' current athletic status, skills, and areas in need of development; and creating and implementing scientifically sound strength and conditioning plans. We provide guidance, training, and career oversight for our fighters to succeed not only in their next fight, but in their careers.